IOAG Objectives

The IOAG was founded by the  Interoperability Plenary  (IOP) to:
  1. Understand issues related to interagency interoperability and other space communications matters;
  2. Identify solutions complying with IOP policies; and,
  3. Recommend resolutions to the IOP for specific actions by the IOP.

The IOAG provides a forum for identifying common needs across multiple agencies related to mission operations, space communications, and navigation interoperability. The IOAG will undertake activities it deems appropriate related to multi-agency space communications. A specific IOAG goal is the achievement of full interoperability among member space agencies. This goal will be obtained by holding periodic meetings in accordance with the procedures set forth in the IOAG Procedures Manual. The IOAG operates under an established framework agreement called the Terms of Reference.


Industry Exchange and Workshop

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19 May, 2021

IOAG Members


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