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IOAG A AR 2017.pdfIOAG 2017 Annual Report
Annual ReportFinal16/05/2023 15:58
IOAG AR 2021 Final.pdfIOAG 2021 Annual Report
Annual ReportIOAG/ChairP. BargelliniFinal16/05/2023 15:58
IOAG.A.AR.2010.001.pdfIOAG 2010 Annual Report
Annual ReportChairFinal03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG.A.AR.2011.001.pdfIOAG 2011 Annual Report
Annual ReportSoula, ChairFinal03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG.A.AR.2012.001.pdfIOAG 2012 Annual report
Annual ReportJ-M. Soula, ChairmanFinal03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG.A.AR.2013.001.pdfIOAG 2013 Annual Report
Annual ReportIOAG-18Final03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG.A.AR.2014.001.pdfIOAG 2014 Annual Report
Annual ReportIOAG-18dChairFinal03/07/2017 15:23
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Aggregate Communication Assets 2014-02-07 (IOAG-18).xlsAggregate Communication Assets 2014-02-07 (IOAG-18)
Communication AssetIOAG-18IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:13
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CommuniqueFinal16/05/2023 15:59
IOAG-13 Liaison Statement to CMC.pdfIOAG-13 Liaison Statement to CMC
CommuniqueIOAG-13CCSDSFinal03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG-23 Communique.pdfIOAG-23 Communique
CommuniqueIOAG-23Final23/09/2021 14:34
IOAG-23a communique.docxIOAG-23a Communique
CommuniqueIOAG-23aBarbara Adde, SecretariatFinal16/05/2023 15:59
IOAG-23b Communique.docxIOAG-23b Communique
CommuniqueIOAG-23bBarbara Adde, SecretariatFinal03/03/2021 13:17
IOAG-23c Communique.pdf
CommuniqueIOAG-23cFinal31/03/2023 13:25
IOAG-24 Communique.docxIOAG-24 communique
CommuniqueIOAG-24Alexandra DotenFinal02/11/2020 12:54
IOAG-24c Communique FINAL.pdfIOAG-24c communique
CommuniqueIOAG-24cIOAG/SecretariatSecretariat/V. RandallFinal12/10/2021 12:35
IOAG-24e Communique FINAL.docxIOAG-24e Communique
CommuniqueIOAG-24eIOAG/SecretariatBarbara Adde, SecretariatFinal22/02/2022 11:59
IOP1-MINUTES.pdfMinutes of the Inteoperability Plenary Meeting
CommuniqueFinal03/07/2017 15:25
IOP2_FINAL Communique 12-10-08.pdfIOP2_FINAL Communique
CommuniqueFinal03/07/2017 15:25
LC&N Communique FINAL.pdfLunar Communications & Navigation Workshop Communique
CommuniqueLunar Comm & Nav MeetingIOAG/Secretariat; LCAWGSecretariat/V. RandallFinal25/02/2022 10:41
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Aggregate Cross Support Mission Model  2014-02-07 (IOAG-18).xlsAggregate Cross Support Mission Model 2014-02-07 (IOAG-18)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-18IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:13
Aggregate Cross Support Mission Model  2015-05-21 (IOAG-19).pdfAggregate Cross Support Mission Model  2015-05-21 (IOAG-19)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-19Final03/07/2017 15:22
Aggregate Cross Support Mission Model 2016-09-21.xlsCross Support Mission Model (Aggregate)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-20IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:12
Aggregate Cross Support Mission Model 2016-10-04 (IOAG-20 final).xlsCross Support Mission Model (Aggregate)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-20IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:12
Aggregate Cross Support Tables 2020-09-11 (IOAG-24).xlsCross Support Mission Model (Aggregate)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-18bWarren L. MartinFinal10/01/2022 11:32
Aggregate Cross Support Tables 2022-05-20 (IOAG-25).xlsxReference Tables (Cross Support)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-25IOAG Secretariat25/05/2022 05:09
Aggregate IOAG Missions Using GNSS 2022-05-20 (IOAG-25).xlsxReference Tables (Missions Using GNSS)
Cross Support Mission ModelIOAG-25IOAG Secretariat25/05/2022 05:09
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00_IOAG.pptxIOAG Presentation Industry Workshop
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23M. SchmidtArchived03/05/2022 11:01
00_UKSA.pptxStock Presentation
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
01_Avanti.pptxPowerPoint Presentation Template
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
02_Bradford.pptxPowerPoint Presentation
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
03_Goonhilly.pptxPowerPoint Presentation
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
11_Z Rated.pptx
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23Archived03/05/2022 11:01
IOAG Presentation 130919_v1.pptxIOAG Presentation Industry Workshop
Industry ExchangeIOAG-23M. SchmidtDraft29/01/2021 13:02
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Aggregate Mission Model Tables 2022-05-20 (IOAG-25).xlsxReference Tables (Mission Model)
Mission ModelIOAG-25IOAG SecretariatFinal25/05/2022 05:13
IOAG Mission Model - (IOAG-19) Updated 2015-05-21_public.pdfIOAG Mission Model - (IOAG-19) Updated 2015-05-21
Mission ModelIOAG-19Final03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-07-20 (IOAG-15b).pdfIOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-07-20 (IOAG-15b)
Mission ModelIOAG-15bFinal03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-07-20 (IOAG-15b).pptxAggregate Mission Model 2012-07-20
Mission ModelIOAG-15bIOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:09
IOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-12-13b (IOAG-16) UK.pptxMission Model (Aggregate)
Mission ModelIOAG-16IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:09
IOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-12-13b (IOAG-16).pdfIOAG Mission Model - Updated 2012-12-13b (IOAG-16)
Mission ModelIOAG-16Final03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG Mission Model - Updated 2014-02-07 (IOAG-18).pdfIOAG Mission Model - Updated 2014-02-07 (IOAG-18)
Mission ModelIOAG-18SecretariatFinal03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG Mission Model (IOAG-14) - Updated 2011-01-14.pdfIOAG Mission Model (IOAG-14) - Updated 2011-01-14
Mission ModelIOAG-14Final03/07/2017 15:23
IOAG Mission Model 2016-09-23.pptxMission Model (Aggregate) - Updated 2916-09-23
Mission ModelIOAG-20IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:09
IOAG Mission Model 2016-10-04 (IOAG-20 final).pptxMission Model (Aggregate) - Updated 2011-01-14
Mission ModelIOAG-20IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:08
IOAG Mission Model 2018-03-01.pdfIOAG Mission Model 2018-03-01
Mission ModelIOAG-21Archived05/05/2022 09:54
IOAG Mission Model 2018-03-07.pdfIOAG Mission Model 2018-03-07 (new format)
Mission ModelIOAG-21aICGFinal20/03/2018 09:26
IOAG Mission Model 2018-06-26 (updated for IOAG-22).pptxMission Model Charts
Mission ModelIOAG-22IOAG SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 09:52
IOAG Mission Model 2019-09-13 (IOAG-23).pptx
Mission ModelIOAG-23Draft13/09/2019 14:53
IOAG Mission Model 2020-11-13 (IOAG-24a).pptx
Mission ModelIOAG-24aIOAG SecretariatFinal10/01/2022 11:31
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Aggregate IOAG Missions Using GNSS 2020-11-13 (IOAG-24a).xlsx
OtherIOAG-24aIOAG SecretariatFinal25/01/2021 10:54
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Catalog 3 V2 15082020_comments addressed.docxIOAG Service Catalog #3
PresentationDraft01/10/2020 10:53
IOAG_NASA_Agency_Report_September_2016_v3 (002).pdf
PresentationDraft03/07/2017 15:24
SFCG WRC23 Objectives public August 2020.pdf
PresentationDraft15/09/2020 15:57
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Aggregate IOAG Missions Using GNSS 2019-10-08 (IOAG-23).xlsx
ReferenceIOAG-23IOAG SecretariatFinal13/04/2020 08:52
IOAG Procedures Manual.pdfIOAG Procedures Manual
ReferenceArchived03/05/2022 11:02
IOAG Spacecraft Emergency Cross Support SOP.pdf
ReferenceDraft03/12/2019 13:17
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ReportIOAG-20bFinal03/07/2017 15:22
2019-02-22_LEO26SG_Report_Final.pdfLEO 26 GHz K-band Study Group Final Report
Report26GHzSGFinal10/01/2022 11:26
IOAG Interoperability Demonstrator Report-Final.pdfIOAG Interoperability Demonstrator Report
ReportMOSSG WGFinal17/03/2023 15:56
IOAG Recommendations on the Selection of ETE Space Internetworking Protocol (002).pdfIOAG Recommendations on the Selection of ETE Space Internetworking Protocol
ReportD. IsraelFinal05/05/2021 15:58
IOAG.SOSWG.RPT.2021.v1.pdfSOSWG Report Issue A
ReportSOSWGJ-M. SoulaFinal22/03/2021 15:20
Lunar communications architecture study report FINAL v1.3.pdfLunar Communications Architecture Study Report
ReportLCAWGM. CosbyFinal07/04/2023 10:13
MBC architecture report final version PDF.pdfMars communications architecture report - final version PDF
ReportMBC-AWGWallace Tai, Marco Lanucara, MBC-AWG working groupFinal23/02/2022 09:04
OLSG Final Report_Addendum.pdfOLSG Final Report Addendum
ReportIOAG-16OLSGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
OLSG Interim Report FINAL_12_01_11[1].pdfOLSG Interim Report FINAL
ReportIOAG-15OLSGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
OLSG Report_Final_06_05_12.pdfOLSG Final Report_5June2012
ReportIOAG-15bOLSGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
SISG Operations Concept for SSI - final version.pdfSSI Ops Concept
ReportSISGSISGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
SISG Phase I report – final.pdfSISG Phase I report – final
ReportSISGSISGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
SOSWG report B.pdf
ReportSOSWGFinal15/02/2023 10:51
SSI Ops Concept Issue Resolution - final version.pdfSSI Ops Concept Issue Resolution
ReportSISGSISGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
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IOAG13.A.RE.2009.V1.pdfIOAG-13 Resolutions
ResolutionIOAG-13IOAGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
IOAG-14 Resolutions Nov 2010.docIOAG-14 Resolutions
ResolutionIOAG-14B. Adde, SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 10:01
IOAG14.A.RE.2010.V1.pdfIOAG-14 Resolutions
ResolutionIOAG-14IOAGFinal03/07/2017 15:25
Resolutions.docIOAG-13 Resolutions
ResolutionIOAG-13Chair and SecretariatArchived05/05/2022 09:56
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IOAG SC 3 v 1.1.pdfIOAG Service Catalog 3 v. 1.1
Service CatalogFinal10/01/2022 11:29
IOAG Service Catalog 3_2020.pdf
Service CatalogMOSSGMOSSGFinal10/05/2021 09:19
IOAG Service Catalog One.v3.0.pdfIOAG Service Catalog One 3.0
Service CatalogIOAG-25gSCWGFelix FlentgeFinal22/06/2023 08:58
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Definition of priorities for standards development.pdfDefinition of priorities for standards development
Services and StandardsIOAG-14bIOAGFinal03/07/2017 15:22
IOAG 8 Roadmap Plans.pdfIOAG Roadmap/Plans (DRAFT)
Services and StandardsDraft03/07/2017 15:22
IOAG SECSWG SOP Baseline -20191203.pdfSpacecraft Emergency Cross Support Standard Operating Processes and Procedures
Services and StandardsSECSWGFinal24/03/2022 10:37
Standards Infusion Table ESA 2010-09-01.xlsStandards Infusion Table ESA 2010-09-01
Services and StandardsIOAG-14ESAESAArchived03/07/2018 13:37
Standards_Infusion_Table.xlsCCSDS Standards Infusion into IOAG Networks (updated 6.10.07)
Services and StandardsArchived05/05/2022 09:55
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SpaceOps 2012_IOAG - A Decade of Leadership in International Space Cooperation.pdfSpaceOps 2012 Paper: "IOAG- A Decade of Leadership in International Space Cooperation"
SupportingFinal03/07/2017 15:25
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IOAG Terms of Reference.pdfIOAG Terms of Reference
Terms of ReferenceFinal03/07/2017 15:23
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IOAG WP 2018.pdf2018 IOAG Work Plan
Work PlanFinal29/01/2018 20:53
IOAG WP 2022 Final .pdfIOAG Work Plan 2022 Final
Work PlanIOAG/ChairP. BargelliniFinal23/02/2022 09:17
IOAG.A.WP.2009.001.V1.pdfWork Plan 2009
Work PlanIOAG-13Final03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2010.001.V1.pdfIOAG Work Plan 2010 Final
Work PlanIOAG-12Final03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2011.001.V2.pdf2011 IOAG Work Plan
Work PlanIOAG-14J-M. Soula, ChairFinal03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2012.001.V1.pdf2012 IOAG Work Plan
Work PlanIOAG-15Final03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2013.001.v1.pdfIOAG 2013 Workplan
Work PlanIOAG-16Final03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2014.001.v1.pdfIOAG 2014 Workplan
Work PlanIOAG-18ChairFinal03/07/2017 15:24
IOAG.A.WP.2015.001.V1.pdfIOAG 2015 Workplan
Work PlanIOAG-19ChairFinal03/07/2017 15:24